Fiberglass reinforcement mesh manufactured by the StekloPlast Plant represents a high- technology construction material made of composite materials.


Fiberglass rods as a part of the composite mesh have a diameter of up to 8 mm. Composite reinforcement mesh is an effective alternative to the traditional welded metal analogue. Size range of fiberglass meshes:

Size range of fiberglass meshes:

  • KSP 25x25 mm; D=2 mm;
  • KSP 50x50 mm; D=4 mm;
  • KSP 50x50 mm; D=6 mm;
  • KSP 50x50 mm; D=8 mm;
  • KSP 100x100 mm; D=4 mm;
  • KSP 100x100 mm; D=6 mm;
  • KSP 100x100 mm; D=8 mm.

Fiberglass mesh is widely used in the construction sphere for reinforcement of as follows:

  • concrete structures of any purpose (internal and external wall panels, including multilayer concrete wall panels (sandwich panels), floor slabs, beams);
  • concrete floors;
  • brick and stone walls of buildings and structures;
  • decorative concrete and gypsum elements;
  • roof screeds;
  • hydraulic facilities, coastal structures;
  • road slabs, highways, bridges;
  • roadside obstructions and railway fences.

The use of fiberglass mesh in addition to civil and industrial construction is also highly justified for construction in aggressive and humid environments, in chemical industry, sewage treatment plants, agriculture, settling tanks, storages, hydraulic facilities.

Composite mesh manufactured by the StekloPlast Plant accelerates the construction process, significantly reduces the costs as well as improves the quality and increases the effective life of the object under construction.

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