The Composite Reinforcement Plant StekloPlast manufactures high-quality fiberglass flexible connections and supply sombody with something to the construction markets of Russia and foreign countries.

Brickwork is one of the most common techniques of building construction, but at the same time, brick is not the most energy efficient material. In some climatic zones known for their low winter temperatures, the multilayered wall structure was developed to ensure normal thermal conditions in homes, which allows to significantly improve the thermotechnical characteristics of a building.


According to the technology, the masonry wall consists of a bearing layer of bricks, insulation and cladding. For today, among the building materials that can securely link together all layers of the structure, flexible connections made of fiberglass reinforcement are rightly considered to be the best.

Properties of fiberglass flexible connections:

  • do not conduct cold, which contributes to the energy saving of the building;
  • distinguished by durability, the warranty is over 80 years;
  • not subject to corrosion processes;
  • have a light weight and do not increase the weight of multilayered walls;
  • environmentally safe.

Fiberglass flexible connections represent pieces of a round-section composite rod, having anchors at the ends. The diameter of the flexible connections from 4 to 8 mm. The length is 200 to 550 mm.

Flexible connections manufactured by StekloPlast are widely used in all variations of housing, industrial and commercial construction, including multistorey residential buildings, business centers, outbuildings and warehouses. Flexible connections have also found their application in private construction: cottages, townhouses and other buildings.

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