The Composite Reinforcement Plant StekloPlast produces the best fiberglass reinforcement in Russia! As of 2021, the company successfully exports its products to foreign countries.

The demand for composite rebar on the world market is constantly growing, as it has a number of striking advantages in comparison with traditional metal rebar, steadily displacing the latter from all spheres of the economic activity. Metal fittings are heavy, by virtue thereof they are expensive to transport and install. Fiberglass reinforcement, on the contrary, has absorbed the best qualities: high strength, light weight, chemical resistance. Composite rebar is much more profitable in construction, which is constantly confirmed by feedbacks got from professional construction companies.


Properties of fiberglass reinforcement:

  • high strength;
  • light weight;
  • flexibility;
  • dielectricity;
  • radio transparency;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • chemical resistance;
  • magnetic inertia;
  • low thermal conductivity.

Composite rebar is supplied in the form of rods of the required length or in coils. The diameter is 4 to 32 mm. Wide color range. The operational warranty for fiberglass reinforcement produced by the StekloPlast Plant is more than 80 years!

The Composite Reinforcement Plant StekloPlast has a technical control department that exercises the independent monitoring of the product compliance with the established requirements, which guarantees the consumer the constant high quality of the manufactured composite rebar.

Fiberglass reinforcement is used in many areas of economic activity:

  • construction of buildings and structures for various purposes;
  • construction of foundations of any type and complexity;
  • construction of sea and port facilities;
  • laying of roadways and construction of road fencing;
  • construction of bridges;
  • use as racks in the electrified wire fence system;
  • trellises for vegetable crops as well as for fruit and berry bushes and trees.

The plain type fiberglass reinforcement is effectively used to install greenhouses directly in the field.

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