The Composite Reinforcement Plant StekloPlast produces fiberglass reinforcement. A special type of this product is fiberglass plain rebar, which has a plain outer surface.


Properties of fiberglass plain rebar:

  • high strength;
  • light weight;
  • flexibility;
  • dielectricity;
  • radio transparency;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • chemical resistance;
  • magnetic inertia;
  • low thermal conductivity.

The StekloPlast Plant manufactures plain rebar of a diameter of 2 mm to 22 mm. The rebar is supplied in bars of various lengths 1200 mm to 2200 mm. The analysis shows that plain rebar for greenhouses, of diameters of 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm, with a length of 1500-2100 mm, is popular at this time. Dear customers, please provide your technical requirements, and we will produce rebar with the appropriate parameters. The operational warranty for fiberglass reinforcement manufactured by the StekloPlast Plant is more than 80 years!

Fiberglass plain rebar is used in all areas of industry and household, where wear-resistant flexible rods are required:

  • in construction of tents;
  • for curtains in transport (buses, railway cars);
  • for chemical production purposes;
  • for installation of greenhouses, other directions of use.

Fiberglass plain rebar is an excellent material for arranging greenhouses. Therefore, it is widely used for agricultural enterprises that grow fruit and berry and vegetable products. Private individuals have also appreciated plain rebar on merit.

The bars are bent in an arc and stuck into ground at a certain distance from each other. A special covering film, Izospan, is applied on top. Greenhouses can have any length. This process is fully automated. Greenhouses on fiberglass arcs produced by the StekloPlast Plant allow you to get two crops per year - this is the most important motivational indicator!

Fiberglass plain rebar is very convenient to store in the off-season, since after removing from the ground, the bars straighten and can be put into neat bundles.

It should be noted that the metal bars rust, which leads to the film damage, therefore the greenhouse immediately loses its properties. In addition, the reuse of rusty bars is actually unacceptable. In storage, metal bars take up a lot of space, as they do not straighten after use. Metal rebar is heavy - transportation takes much effort.

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