The StekloPlast Plant supplies plastic retainers for reinforcement to the construction markets of Russia and foreign countries.

The reinforcement mesh used in the production of any concrete works ensures the prefabricated structure strength. The mesh is a flat or spatial structure made of fiberglass rods interconnected by means of plastic retainers. One of the important points is complete coverage of the fiberglass mesh with a grout, namely it is necessary to create a sufficiently uniform protective concrete layer for the reinforcement, which shall prevent the rods from emergence. It is also important that when pouring the concrete mixture, the mesh does not move. To achieve a uniform distance from the formwork to the mesh and to prevent the displacement of the mesh, is made possible with plastic retainers, the use of which shall make the work more convenient and efficient.


Plastic retainers are made of a special polymer composition distinguished by high strength and resistance to aggressive attacks. Fixing members are consumable materials since they remain in the concrete layer after installation.

For concrete works, including foundation works, and construction of buildings of any complexity, the StekloPlast Plant supplies fiberglass reinforcement, flexible connections, composite mesh, a wide range of plastic retainers: Star retainers, FSU Rack retainers, Shifter retainers, Chair retainers, Herringbone retainers, Cube retainers, Rack retainers for sand grounds, Rack retainers, Reinforced Support retainers, Insert in FS retainers, Bone retainers, FT Support retainers, stands for multilevel retainers, Multilevel retainers, Steering Wheel retainers, stand for Rack, Support, Cube, Herringbone retainers.

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