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About company

The production facilities of the Composite Reinforcement Plant StekloPlast are located in Volzhsky. In September 2020, the plant celebrated its 6th anniversary.

The plant produces a wide range of composite material products, namely:

  • fiberglass reinforcement;
  • plain rebar.

The company conducts voluntary certification of its own products at the licensed laboratories. Certificate of Conformity No. 0644029 was extended from 27.08.2020 to 26.08.2023.

Fiberglass reinforcement produced at the StekloPlast Plant, is the best in Russia!


The management, represented by the Director General Evgeny Anatolyevich Matveev, have chosen a steady vector to improve the quality and volumes of the manufactured products. In 2020, the production capacity increased by 30%. The plan for 2021 aims to reach the level of production of 10 million km of fiberglass reinforcement.

The StekloPlast Plant currently provides the uninterrupted supply of fiberglass reinforcement in Russia and to foreign countries.

With the active assistance of the Export Support Center of Volgograd region, the company participates in international forums and exhibitions, particularly in the annual demonstration and exhibition showroom in Nur- Sultan (Kazakhstan). At present, the StekloPlast Plant successfully exports its products to plenty of countries.