Facade panels are a modern efficient building material. Facade panels for exterior decoration of a house are designed to protect the building from all kinds of precipitation and natural phenomena: rain, snow, icing, sun, wind.

At present, the StekloPlast Plant supplies facade panels that have a variety of textures and imitate all kinds of surfaces: natural stone, brick, tile. Facade panels with insulation are also supplied.

The popularity of finishing the walls of a house, cottage, office and industrial buildings, using facade panels, is explained by the large number of advantages:

  • durability and resistance - facade panels used for finishing perfectly withstand the negative effects of the environment, maintaining their physical and technical properties and attractive appearance for a long time;
  • light weight - it is possible to sheathe the whole house with siding, herewith due to the light weight of siding, underpinning is not required;
  • easy installation - most types of sheathing panels are assembled on the principle of a construction set. A smooth wall comes out without much labor-intensive work on plastering and leveling the facade of the building. Installation of facade panels can be performed by own strength, which shall save expenditures for the work of professional installers;
  • the widest assortment of colors and textures;
  • fire safety - almost all types of siding are made of incombustible materials.


Popular ordinary thermal panels manufactured by the StekloPlast Plant are the thermal panels of the following series:

  • "Lugless brick";
  • "Crushed brick";
  • "Brick mix";
  • "Lipetsa".

Widespread basement thermal panels are the thermal panels of the following series:

  • "Crushed stone";
  • "Plastushka with seams";
  • "Plastushka";
  • "Skalnik".

Frequently used extension components for facade thermal panels are the extension components of the following series:

  • extension components "Crushed extension piece";
  • extension components "Smooth extension piece".

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